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High Speed (de)Rail


I was inspired by the progress in China with implementing high speed rail and made a post on facebook (oops I said the F-word). This started a heated discussion among members of a family with opposing political viewpoints. Two of them reside in South America and them and another relative have rode the rails in Italy and other European destinations.

Are we falling behind? Should we care? Do we want more rail? Would anyone use it? What does USA stand for? Is Europe better, more fun, cool, sick, whatever?

Let’s hope we do a better job with those automated speed controls that let the driver run blind. Blindly into a concrete wall.

And please if you’re going to f*ck up and kill some people, don’t do it to pilgrims arriving at a sacred site. That’s not spiritual.


Jose Garzon, driver of the train, is led away after helping search the wreckage for survivors.